Imaging Toolkit

Services-Led Solutions for High-Altitude Imaging Needs 

  • Reduce weeks or months of application development and deployment time by leveraging optimized, field-proven imaging algorithms
  • Focus the engineering development effort on the application by leveraging a proven hardware, system and software platform optimized for the highest performance SWaP (size, weight and power)  
  • Leverage the dense compute capability of the latest generation GPUs, which offer the highest GFLOP/watt in the industry ( ˃1 TFLOP/slot performance)
  • Customizable for specific applications through tailored image-processing algorithms and system integration between Mercury, the customer and third-party hardware, software and IP

Too Much Data, Not Enough Information 

Many manned and unmanned vehicles are designed to stay aloft for long periods of time, carrying heavy payloads of wide-area sensors. The amount of data generated by these sensors is truly enormous. In fact, a large array of high-resolution electro-optical (EO/video) and infrared (IR) cameras aboard a platform can capture billions of pixels per second. All of this raw data must be processed in real time on board the platform to produce actionable data (i.e., a clear image) for the warfighter. This transformation requires multiple compute-intense real-time mathematical manipulations on a huge data set. Furthermore, all of this activity occurs on SWaP-constrained mobile platforms.  

Leverage Mercury’s Expertise 

Mercury’s Imaging Toolkit offers highly optimized and validated GPU algorithms for on-board exploitation applications. Developed by Mercury’s image processing experts and deployed in numerous imaging programs, the Imaging Toolkit saves countless weeks/months of software design, testing and system integration. Each Imaging Toolkit is tailored to meet a specific application requirement, from optimized image-processing algorithms to hardware, software and system integration with a focus on the highest performance in a SWaP-constrained deployment. In addition, Mercury provides integration services not only with Mercury components, but also with customers and third-party software, hardware and IP. 

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