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Mercury is contributing its rich SAL API to the developer community for evaluation, use, and augmentation.
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MultiCore Plus MathPack

Product Description

MultiCore Plus® MathPack from Mercury Systems is a bundled software package that includes the latest MultiCore SAL (MC SAL) and MultiCore Vector Signal Image Processing Library (MC VSIPL) libraries with industry-leading SAL and VSIPL single-core libraries, as well as the “C” language implementation of SAL (CSAL).

MC SAL and MC VSIPL extend performance for multicore processors by automatically utilizing additional cores. This lets SAL-based applications effortlessly achieve higher performance from the most advanced multicore processors in Mercury’s product lines.  Source-code compatibility with existing applications helps decrease time to market by minimizing the changes to existing applications as embedded systems adopt multicore processors.

Signal, image and data processing applications demand the greatest performance achievable from the processor.  Mercury’s Scientific Algorithm Library (SAL) is a collection of over 800 functions that provide high performance through the use of all processor resources, including co-processors such as GPUs.

With recent architectural advancements, the algorithmic scope of GPUs has grown dramatically. Non-graphics applications — such as intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, signals intelligence and electronic warfare — can now be addressed by GPU technology with excellent results. GPUs excel at traditional signal processing algorithms that provide more parallelism than can be exploited on a single or multi-core CPU, like the fast Fourier transform (FFT).

Industry performance benchmarks on implementing GPUs in high-performance signal processing applications have shown that GPUs can obtain at least 20 times performance improvement over previous generation processors. For batch processing problems that require extreme throughput, GPUs provide a compelling solution.

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Supports heterogeneous computation resources, such as CPUs and GPUs, in a single application 

Multicore Libraries 

  • Optimized scientific libraries for GPP and GPU processors 
  • MultiCore SAL 
  • MultiCore VSIPL 

Single-core Libraries 

  • CSAL “C” source code for all SAL APIs 
  • SAL with select optimizations for single core 
  • VSIPL-Lite Plus over SAL (where optimized) or CSAL
  • High performance libraries for signal, image, and data processing
  • Field proven APIs reduce product life-cycle costs and time to market
  • Utilizes multiple processor cores  for demanding processing-intensive applications
  • Enhanced processor utilization enables high throughput and low latency
  • Seamless upgrade for existing single-core SAL applications
  • Open source version enables rapid development and independent customization
  • VSIPL++ can be added to selective Mercury platforms

SAL System Requirements
Processors supported
       MPC74xx, MPC864xD, IBM PowerPC 970, Cell BE, IA32 and Intel64, NVIDIA GPUs

Operating systems
    Linux®, VxWorks®, Windows, MCOE™

MC SAL System Requirements
Processors supported
    MPC864xD, IA32 and Intel64

Operating systems
    Linux, VxWorks