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MultiCore Plus Open Development Suite

Product Description

The MultiCore Plus® Open Development Suite (ODS) is an integrated development environment (IDE) for multicomputer applications. ODS leverages the open-source Eclipse IDE for Linux®, so developers can take advantage of third-party Eclipse plugins. It also provides optional, advanced multicomputer and multicore development Eclipse plugins. ODS includes the plugins you need to configure, develop software for, debug, and monitor your multicomputer. TimeStorm™ by Timesys® provides the environment for kernel or driver development.
ODS is designed to simplify the complexities of developing software for a multicomputer. All the packages combine to ease software development and simplify testing of complicated applications.
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  • Create projects using the native or cross-compile toolchain using the Product Creation Wizards
  • Implement and program the MCP System Boot Sequence with the System Configurator
  • Launch an executable in parallel on multiple compute nodes using the Multicomputer Run and Debug Launcher
  • Visualize system initialization, and monitor and control processes with the System Supervisor
  • Step through and debug processes on multiple processors in a single IDE using the Multicomputer Debugger
  • View dynamic multiprocessor or multicore interactions, easily synchronize events, and detect performance bottlenecks using the TATL and TATL Viewer
  • Eclipse-based IDE extended to support multicomputer development
  • Shorten development cycles and decrease time to market with extended suite of tools
  • Improve performance, using TATL to profile, understand, and correct performance issues
  • Launch and debug multicomputer applications
  • Monitor embedded processes
  • Use plugins to configure and monitor your multicomputer
Standard ODS IDE
Eclipse IDE (Ganymede) v3.4.1 (or greater)
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) 5.0.1 (or greater)
Linux OS