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Mercury is contributing its rich SAL API to the developer community for evaluation, use, and augmentation.
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Product Description

OpenFDK (Open FPGA Developer’s Kit) eases application development by supplying optimized infrastructure IP to abstract the lower-level hardware details and system utilities for FPGA integration and control. OpenFDK elements provide a consistent set of IP and design resources across platforms (ATCA®, 6U VPX/VXS, 3U VPX) for optimal code portability. The OpenFDK IP modules deliver a pre-validated environment and infrastructure for an application-ready platform.
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  • Hardware-specific layer for pin descriptions and basic FPGA I/O functionality
  • Communications infrastructure IP to interface with applications, including multi-ported memory controllers, fabric connections, and streaming I/O protocols
  • Software APIs for board control and data transfer
  • Diagnostic bitstreams to validate hardware and IP functionality, including link checkers and memory checkers on all external interfaces
  • Dataflow design examples, which can be used as templates for application development
  • Accelerate FPGA design and integration
  • Standards-based interfaces (OCP) for interoperability and re-use
  • Enhanced developer productivity
  • Reduced design cycles through verification and simulation
  • Lower cost through IP re-use
  • Variety of toolsets customizable for your exact system and design needs

Development Environment and Tools
Mentor QuestaSim® VHDL/Verilog
Synplicity® (Xilinx®)
Xilinx ISE
Altera Quartus®
   See the Release Notes for current versions.

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