Productivity Tools

The MultiCore Plus® Open Development Suite (ODS) allows designers to develop software applications for complex signal and image processing systems. This powerful suite of tools is capable of integrating a network of heterogeneous processing elements, operating systems, interconnect protocols and hardware form factors.

What’s more, the MultiCore Plus ODS leverages the multi-core processors’ most advanced capabilities. This enhancement, delivered via TATL, enables users to fully optimize their application’s resource utilization and performance. The result is best-in-class application performance, high productivity and portability through open standards.



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  • Virtual Application Ready Subsystem      
    Mercury has invested heavily in open architecture–based solutions that run on any hardware. One solution is the Virtual Application Ready Subsystem (ARS), a valuable productivity tool that allows Mercury to provide customers with concurrent engineering solutions that accelerate time to development. Other Virtual ARS benefits include fast prototyping, reduced development cost, earlier system integration with targeted hardware, accelerated migration from conception to field-deployed solutions, and accelerated technology readiness levels (TRLs). 

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