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Ensemble SubsystemsOpenVPX Development Chassis – 6-Slot

Product Description

The 6-slot OpenVPX Development Chassis from Mercury Systems is a key building block in Mercury’s subsystem development infrastructure. Supporting a number of backplanes with slot counts of 6 or less, the chassis is designed to support multiple high-performance subsystem configurations to solve challeng­ing problems in the radar, EW or image processing market spaces. By supporting lab-based subsystems, the OpenVPX development chassis helps programs bring algorithms and tech­nologies to higher Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) by supporting their deployment on systems based on deployable designs.
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  • Low-profile design takes up a minimum of space
  • Aluminum construction minimizes enclosure weight
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) jacks provided on both the front and rear of chassis
  • Specially designed cable access holes support the routing of cables to both front panel and rear transition area
  • Ergonomic space design for injector/ejector seating enables the high extraction force needed for OpenVPX modules
  • Switches provided for SYS_RESET and NVMRO OpenVPX signals
  • Chassis ground stud provided at rear of enclosure
  • Two removable I/O panels provide access to custom cabling or additional I/O configurations 
  • 6-slot 6U OpenVPX development chassis
  • Built to support high-performance subsystems
  • Cost-effective solution for lab development
  • Customizable backplane and I/O supports multiple configurations
  • Pre-qualified with Ensemble subsystem modules

Size: 17.18”L by 10.46”H (6U) by 21”D
Weight: 34 pounds (with backplane installed, no payload modules)
Power Supply:
     +12V @ 125a
     +5V @ 35a
     +3.3V @ 10a
     -12V @ 10a
OpenVPX slot count: 6 (at 1” pitch)
     Can support backplanes up to 6 slots (switched or mesh)
Front Panel:
     Write Enable switch
     Voltage LEDs
     SYS_RESET switch
     DC Inhibit switch
     ESD Jack
Rear Panel:
     Chassis ground stud
     220V AC IEC320 inlet with cable clamp
     20a circuit breaker
     ESD jack

Note: Chassis can be customized to meet requirements. Contact Mercury’s Services and System Integration group.