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Ensemble 12-Slot MicroTCA Chassis

Product Description

The Ensemble 12-Slot MicroTCA Chassis is a 4U, 19-inch rack-mountable unit with 12 AMC slots and two switch/hub slots, which provides a versatile, cost-effective architecture for a variety of MicroTCA applications. It supports high-bandwidth backplane communications with a dual-star RapidIO® topology interconnecting all AMC slots. These communications are supported by the Ensemble MCH2022Z MicroTCA Carrier Hub and Switch, which provides single module support for a Gigabit Ethernet base interface and an IPMI, as well as the RapidIO switch fabric.
The chassis delivers active front-to-rear cooling via two independent cooling units, each with a 12-VDC high-speed fan and a module management controller, ensuring proper airflow to cool each AMC.
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  • RapidIO connections to 12 AMC slots
  • GigE connections for base interface
  • System management via IPMI
  • Accepts AMCs directly in the chassis without the need for carrier cards, reducing both size and cost.
  • RapidIO meets rigorous low-latency, deterministic response-time requirements.
  • GigE base interface enables sophisticated application control.
  • IPMI management plane enhances system flexibility, reliability, and availability.

4U, 19-inch rack-mount enclosure

Backplane Slots
MCH single, full-size slots: 2
AMC single, mid-size slots: 12
CU slots: 2
PM slots: 2, with 12 HP each

AMC filler panels
AMC air baffle panels
Mounting bracket kit
AMC front-panel hardware kits

   Operating: 5°C to 45°C
   Storage: -40°C to +55°C
Humidity: 5-85% non-condensing