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PowerStream 7000 System

Product Description

The PowerStream® 7000 system delivers extreme processing density with 1 TFLOPS or more of total processing power in an air-cooled, deployable chassis. Optimized for high-end image and digital signal processing applications in the harsh, confined environments of airborne, ocean-going, and land-mobile platforms, the PowerStream 7000 system provides an exceptionally powerful solution based on open hardware and software standards.

Compact, rugged, and powerful, the PowerStream 7000 system satisfies the needs of the most demanding real-time radar and signals intelligence applications. Its unique, highly scalable architecture provides flexibility for custom configurations of processors, memory, and I/O to suit any deployment mission.

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  • High-density computing with over 1 TFLOPS peak performance
  • RapidIO®-based communications with 60 GB/s bisection and 75 GB/s aggregate bandwidth
  • 16 GB/s streaming fiber I/O using serial FPDP
  • FreescaleTM MPC7447A PowerPC® microprocessors with AltiVecTM technology
  • Performance density exceeding 150 GFLOPS per cubic foot
  • Patented air-cooling system with ManagedAir™ technology
  • 32 Mezzanine sites for PMC and XMC modules
  • 16 GB ethernet interfaces
  • Exceptional power and performance in a limited space for the most demanding, leading-edge image and digital signal processing applications
  • Integrated system designed for performance and built for deployment
  • Support for open hardware and software standards
  • Enables full signal and image processing closer to the sensor in mobile platforms
  • Drastically lower latency even with increased processing input

Electrical Specifications  

Availability and Serviceability
Internal bus: I2C/IPMB, 100 Mbit Ethernet
External bus: 100 Mbit Ethernet

Power Input180-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 3Ø
NEMA L21-30P inlet

Note: Maximum power draw for fully configured system with 1.0 GHz processor boards is estimated as 4.2 kW.

Commercial Environment  

HumidityOperating: 5-90% non-condensing
Non-operating: 5-95% non-condensing

TemperatureOperating: 5°C to 35°C at max of 6,000 ft
Non-Operating: -40°C to +70°C at max of 35,000 ft

Contact Mercury for rugged system specifications.  

As altitude increases, air density decreases, hence the cooling effect of a particular CFM rating decreases. Notice that the above operating temperature is specified simultaneously with an altitude. Different limits can be achieved by trading among altitude, temperature, performance, and airflow.
Contact Mercury for more information.

Configuration Options
Processors: 20-120 compute nodes
Bandwidth: 15-60 GB/s bisection bandwidth
Mezzanines: 2-64 serial FPDP interfaces