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PowerStream 7000 Switch Module

Product Description

The PowerStream® 7000 Switch Module provides the PowerStream 7000 system with RapidIO connectivity for extreme performance and reliability. In PowerStream 7000 systems, the RapidIO® fabric is formed by switch modules within the chassis card cage. Each switch module provides 24 connections across the passive backplane to processor module slots, and up to four switch modules can be interconnected within a system. The full configuration provides 60 GB/s of peak bisection bandwidth through the backplane and switch modules. The RapidIO interconnect is an open standard certified by ISO and IEC, but only Mercury has the experience to deliver it as a reliable, low-risk, high-performance embedded multiprocessing solution.
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  • 24 connections across passive backplane to processor module slots
  • Up to four switch modules can be interconnected within a system for 60 GB/s peak bisection bandwith
  • 15 GB/s RapidIO® bandwidth per module
  • 8 mezzanine sites for I/O and expansion
  • 4 PowerPC® processors for drivers and control
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet and 4 100-Mbit Ethernet connections
  • RapidIO® connectivity and extreme performance
  • Standards-based extensibility for sensor I/O and inter-chassis communications
  • Streaming sensor data I/O through RapidIO XMC cards that implement SFPDP protocol
  • Supports communications among multiple PowerStream chassis through inter-chassis XMC modules

Switching FunctionProtocol: 8-bit parallel RapidIO (ISO/IEC DIS 18372)
    622 MB/s per link in each direction
    15 GB/s total per switch module

Industry-Standard Mezzanine SitesNumber
    4 PMC or XMC in front row
    4 XMC only (no PCI) in back row, 8 sites total
PMC type: IEEE 1386.1-2001
PMC bus: 64-bit/66-MHz PCI
XMC type: VITA 42.1, 8-bit parallel RapidIO

I/O ProcessorsNumber :4, one for each PMC site
Type: 500 MHz IBM PowerPC 440GX
DRAM size: 256 MB DDR DRAM
DRAM bandwidth: 2.67 GB/s peak
Flash size: 64 MB EEPROM

EthernetFour 100-Mbit to the backplane (1 available for user I/O)
Four 1-Gbit to the backplane

ElectricalInput voltages
    48.0 VDC: ±5%, main power
    5.0 VDC: ±5%, management power
Input voltages measured at the backplane pins inclusive of all ripple.
Mercury strongly recommends that system-level power designs use a ±2% margin to avoid any potential issues with respect to the system-level operating characteristics and operating environment

Air flow: 38 CFM minimum (sea level)
    Operating: -25°C to +55°C (sea level)
    Storage:  -55°C to +85°C
Humidity: 5-95%, non-condensing
Random vibration: 7.6 g
    Frequency / Level
    20 Hz / 0.04g2/Hz
    1000 Hz / 0.04g2/Hz
    2000 Hz / 0.01g2/Hz
    x and y axes, 50g,11 ms, half-sine
    z axis, 30g, 11 ms, half-sine
    Operating: <30,000 ft (sea level)
*As altitude increases, air density decreases and, therefore, the cooling effect of a particular number of CFM decreases. Different limits can be achieved by trading among altitude, temperature, performance, and airflow. Contact Mercury for more information.