Tech Brief: Innovation That's Agile: A Multi-Channel, Coherent Receiver System

A Multi-Channel, Coherent Architecture for Direct Conversion

With continued advances in digital signal processing comes the need for flexible, high-performing RF hardware. Applications such as direction finding, signal intelligence and managing a congested RF spectrum require multi-channel, coherent transmit and receive systems. Additionally, in order to minimize cost and time-to-market, the hardware must be flexible and modular. To address this emerging need, Mercury Systems has developed a multi-channel, coherent system architecture.

In order to meet the coherency demands of complex digital signal processing algorithms, a coherent clock input to each direct-digitization transceiver is by itself insufficient. Proprietary algorithms installed in the FPGA modules further optimize the skew alignment, achieving a coherent output without the need for external signaling. These high levels of skew alignment across multiple channels are critical for applications such as accurate direction finding.

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