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December 6, 2022 Mercury Systems

Mercury supports the most critical application development with signal chain solutions from a single vendor that can be integrated with interchangeable tuners, data acquisition cards and recorder or processing workstations at the tactical edge.

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Ralph Guevarez: Hello, and welcome to Mercury Now, a podcast series brought to you by Mercury Systems. I am your host, Ralph Guevarez. And today, I am coming to you live from the Association of Old Crows Annual Symposium and Conference in Washington, DC. I'm at Mercury booth 327 and joining me is Chris Tojeira, who is the expert product manager for Mercury Systems. Chris, good to see you.

Chris Tojeira: Good to see you, Ralph.

Ralph Guevarez: So Chris, tell us about the demo system that we're showcasing here today.

Chris Tojeira: Absolutely. This is an RF Signal Acquisition System. It includes several Mercury products in it, and it's here to show our customers a variety of our products, a product line integrated together, and give them an idea of what we can do.

Ralph Guevarez: That's fantastic. Now, what was the driving factor in developing this application?

Chris Tojeira: Yeah, sure. So our customers are buying piece parts from us, and they're building systems. For us to be able to demonstrate our ability to build a system for them to show those piece parts working together and then to be able to bring it in front of them, that was really what drove this project here.

Ralph Guevarez: Thank you for that, Chris. Now, how is Mercury working to reduce the customer's risk?

Chris Tojeira: Sure. By integrating systems like this, we're really taking the first step for our customers. It really allows them to have a higher level of integration, it reduces the amount of work they have to do in the end. That reduces their schedule, reduces the amount of time that they have to work on the project. It allows them to also add their IP and focus on that and not worry about the interconnection of certain products. Also, by putting all of this together, we become a one-stop shop for our customers. The less they have to deal with multiple vendors and having to make things work together, the easier it gets for them.

Ralph Guevarez: Great. Okay, so now tell me a little bit about the system itself.

Chris Tojeira: Okay, so this is our R Signal Acquisition System. In its VPX chassis, we have the Model RFM 3101, which is a six to 18 gigahertz tuner with one gigahertz of IBW. It's feeding its signal into the Model 5953 RFSOC card, which is digitizing and sending that data over the optical interface, hydro gigabit ethernet fiber to the Model 2737A recording system. This is capable of streaming data real time at 10 gigabytes per second. Currently, the signal is being fed by our model DS 3001 synthesizer, but this could be replaced with the customer feed just as easily.

Ralph Guevarez: Thank you for that demonstration, Chris. That was great. Now, where can our viewers find more information on this product?

Chris Tojeira: Sure. Customers could come to our website, mrcy.com, and can get information on this [inaudible] system and all of our products that you see in here anytime.

Ralph Guevarez: Chris, I want to thank you for your time. It was great seeing you.

Chris Tojeira: Thank you, Ralph.

Ralph Guevarez: Thank you. This is Ralph Guevarez from Mercury Now, coming to you live from AOC in Washington, DC, signing off.

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