Recognizing Our Health Workers

As part of Mercury’s “Thank a Health Worker” initiative, team members can donate up to five $50 gift cards to health workers in our local communities through our recognition platform, Kazoo.

Participation from team members across our sites has been overwhelming. One team member donated a gift card to each of her two aunts, who are both nurses; one works in a walk-in clinic, the other at a local hospital. Another recognized his wife and her coworkers who are on the front lines at a nursing home fighting to keep their elderly residents safe. One recognized her sister, cousin and brother-in-law, all of whom are nurses in New York, while another thanked a friend who works at a local fire department. One thanked the nurse who is caring for his 93-year-old mother while she shelters in place.

One team member gave a gift card to her close friend, a nurse who had to move out of her home to protect her family from COVID-19, including her son who has cystic fibrosis. “When I gave her the gift card, we both cried,” she said. “She’s a great inspiration…we will definitely hug when this is all over.”

To date, Mercury has recognized more than 1,100 dedicated medical professionals who are working so courageously for all of us. Here are a few messages we’ve received in response:

Thank you for the generous gift! Words cannot express how much this will mean to my coworkers. This has been and continues to be an emotional time for us all on the front line during this pandemic. It's the small acts of kindness and generosity that are helping us get through these difficult times. This has brought me to tears and I am sure it will for my colleagues.

Thank you Mercury! The gift came on a day that was extremely emotionally exhausting and it buoyed my spirit. We are all stressed and doing things that are out of our comfort zone during this unprecedented time but we will get through this together! Your thoughtfulness is so very much appreciated.

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