Star Wars Day: A Star Wars Lego Story

A Star Wars Lego Story

John Perreault, Principal Security Engineer, Andover, MA

Many years ago, in a movie theater where tickets cost far less than they do now, John Perreault, a Principal Security Engineer in our Andover office, watched the Star Wars trilogy numerous times as a kid. These space adventure movies, which have become one of the most successful movie franchises in history, still hold a special place in his heart. If you ask him, he’ll tell you the original trilogy is the best, aside from “Rogue One”, which many agree is different from the other movies. John’s work-from-home office space features three Lego space and aircraft vehicles that he put together himself, including the Y-Wing, the Snowspeeder and the X-Wing. However, none of these are his pride and joy.

In 2017, Lego released the ultimate collector’s edition: a 7,500 piece, three feet long Millennium Falcon. John was up for the challenge but when the package arrived, even he was shocked at how large it was. “Where am I going to put this?” he thought. And so, in the box the Lego set sat for a year and a half. One day while on his computer, John came across a Lego diorama of the Death Star docking bay. It was another 7,500 pieces and almost nine square feet in size. He couldn’t resist, so he purchased it. And when it arrived, he was in the same predicament as before. Where would this monstrosity fit?

Then John had an idea. He reached out to a local furniture shop and asked them to custom build a glass-top coffee table that was big enough to hold both the Death Star docking bay and the Millennium Falcon. And then he got to work. His dining room was home to thousands of Legos for quite some time but then finally, in the fall of 2019, he completed both sets. Once the coffee table was finished, he was able to display both, along with mini figurines, to create the death star escape scene from “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.” Today, the table and his two impressive Lego creations are the centerpiece of John’s living room, lights and all!



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