Download the AML1820L3601 datasheet (PDF)

• Internal voltage regulator, reverse voltage protection, temperature compensation, and DC filter feed through are included.
• Amplifier is available in a field removable SMA (f) connectorized or waveguide housing. Amplifier is hermetically sealed.
• ATP (100%) testing includes Gain, Flatness, NF, P1dB, VSWR, and DC Current measurement at room temperature.



Acquisition Block
Rotator Content
Frequency Max20.2
Frequency Min18.3
DC Current Max0
DC Current Min0
Flatness Max1
Flatness Min0
P1dB Max0
P1dB Min10
Gain Fmin Max0
Gain Fmin Min0
Gain Fmax Max36
Gain Fmax Min33
Gain Slope Max
Gain Slope Min
Noise Figure Fmin Max0
Noise Figure Fmin Min0
Noise Figure Fmax Max1.5
Noise Figure Fmax Min0
VSWR Input Max
VSWR Input Min
VSWR Output Max
VSWR Output Min
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