Download the AML514LE1401 datasheet (PDF)

  • Specifications are at +25°C
  • DC Voltage is +12 to +15 VDC unless stated otherwise
  • Operating temperature range is -20 to +70°C
  • Operational range of -54 to +85°C is available
  • Consult factory for other equalizer slopes
  • Specifications are subject to change



Acquisition Block
Rotator Content
Frequency Max14.5
Frequency Min5.8
DC Current Max0
DC Current Min0
Flatness Max0
Flatness Min0
P1dB Max0
P1dB Min0
Gain Fmin Max0
Gain Fmin Min0
Gain Fmax Max0
Gain Fmax Min0
Gain Slope Max0
Gain Slope Min0
Noise Figure Fmin Max0
Noise Figure Fmin Min0
Noise Figure Fmax Max0
Noise Figure Fmax Min0
VSWR Input Max0
VSWR Input Min0
VSWR Output Max0
VSWR Output Min0
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