Download the AML44P2601-VG datasheet (PDF)

  • Attenuation Control Voltage between 0 & +5 V
  • Attenuation Range up to 60 dB is available. Please contact factory for details
  • Control Voltage 0 to +15VDC is available



Acquisition Block
Rotator Content
Noise Figure Max0
Noise Figure Min0
Gain Max0
Gain Min0
Frequency Max4.7
Frequency Min4.1
DC Current Max0
DC Current Min0
Flatness Max0
Flatness Min0
P1dB Max0
P1dB Min0
Attenuation Range Max12
Attenuation Range Min0
DC Voltage Max
DC Voltage Min
VSWR Input Max0
VSWR Input Min0
VSWR Output Max0
VSWR Output Min0
Output IP3 Max0
Output IP3 Min0
Noise Figure Amax Max0
Noise Figure Amax Min0
P1dB Amax Max0
P1dB Amax Min0
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