Full-band Microwave Noise Sources

Mercury Systems' line of full-band noise sources are specially designed for easy integration into microwave systems. They feature rugged construction with excellent long-term stability. Our full band noise sources are based on a coaxial design as the base part. As standard options, noise sources can be ordered with either:

  • Coaxial Isolator
  • Waveguide Output
  • Waveguide Isolator

Each noise source is calibrated to the output port so no external de-embedding of calibration data is necessary. In addition to the RF output choices, there are also different packages available to meet a wide range of mechanical constraints medium and high power broadband noise sources available in frequency ranges from 100 hz to 8 GHz with output power from -40 dBm to +10 dBm. Typical applications include jamming, radar alignment, snr testing, general lab use.

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