Download the MW500-1408 datasheet (PDF)

"Phase noise @ 3KHz to be -70, Phase noise @ 400KHz to be -122 Kv within band of interest to be 75-100MHz per volt. Alos Note VCO will operate at -55 degrees C with little degradation in performance to the spec. Pulling spec is with 12dB return loss VSWR 2:1 all phases"



Fixed VCO
Frequency Low3070
Frequency High3340
Tuning Voltage Low0.5
Tuning Voltage High4.5
Supply Voltage5
Power Output5
Pout Var3
Frequency Pushing10
Frequency Pulling20
Phase Noise 10 kHz Offset-92
Phase Noise 100 kHz Offset-112
Harmonic Suppression-15
Operating Temp Low-40
Operating Temp High85
Supply Current40
Package Style0.5 SMD