Microwave RF

RF/M IMAs and Subsystems

Mercury engineers have developed some of the most complex integrated multifunction subassemblies in the industry. We have successfully implemented our designs into systems for many of the largest military and commercial RF/microwave systems companies in the country. We work hand-in-hand with your engineers to develop a highly reliable design that meets all of your requirements. Products ranging from wideband bias tees to complex integrated subsystem designs are all part of Mercury's broad spectrum of capabilities.

Our extensive switching capability forms the core of our Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs). These products are custom-based designs for mission-specific applications. The assemblies typically consist of the integration of switches and switch matrices, amplifiers, digital/variable attenuators, filters, gain equalizers, BIT circuitry, oscillators and other RF and microwave functions.



A/D, D/A
Custom Multifunction Modules
Frequency Conversion  

Integrated Microwave Assemblies
Millimeter Wave Components
Switch Filter Bank  



Digital Receivers/Tuners  
Digital RF Memory (DRFM)
Digitizer and FPGA  

Frequency Measurement
High Power Transceiver