Under new and mandatory government procurement guidelines, known as Procurement 2.0, or perhaps more descriptively as, Better Buying Power 2.0, innovation and flexible-cost models are vital for program success. Whether success is measured by keeping a program sold, or the modernization of existing IP by porting it to next-generation/open architecture compute hardware, or adding capability to meet additional requirements for new missions, Mercury has the broadest portfolio of building blocks and integration techniques to support your program. Our best in industry processing density and on-platform capability, IP preservation techniques and whole sensor chain awareness, generate efficiency and subsequent affordability that gives prime contractors a decisive technical and competitive advantage to capture and retain more business.

 Mercury has the latest packaging technologies and software tooling to retrofit and upgrade existing programs with state-of-the-art sensor processing subsystems

  • Adapt and exploit aging platforms’ electromechanical and thermal architecture 
  • Preserve existing control and data interfaces 
  • Port legacy software infrastructure and modes 
  • Lower your IRAD/NRE, improve affordability 
  • Plan, manage diminished manufacturing supply issues 
  • Capture more business - Keep programs sold