Customer Success Stories

Read our customer success stories below to learn how defense and commercial companies around the world benefit from Mercury’s innovative subsystem solutions.

EO/IR Subsystem for Persistent Surveillance Program

customer-success-gorgon-stareBusiness Challenge: Our customer, Sierra Nevada Corp., was developing a wide-area surveillance system featuring advanced EO/IR sensors that focused on delivering sophisticated levels of information directly to field forces. They needed a prototype image processing subsystem capable of supporting flight test within one year.

Technical Challenge: The new EO/IR sensors generate massive amounts of data. Data streams from multiple sensors had to be processed into coherent images on board a UAV in real-time and actionable information extracted for transmission, while the full data stream was stored for post-mission analysis. The subsystems performing these functions had to be rugged and deployable, while adhering to severe SWaP constraints.

Solution: Mercury engineers produced an advanced EO/IR processing subsystem solution. The subsystem delivers ultra-high speed image processing, advanced compression capabilities and flexible image exploitation capability. The processing subsystem is based on the 6U OpenVPX standard, combining Intel, FPGA, and GPGPU processing with advanced algorithms.

Our engineers also developed a ruggedized solid state disk drive–based Digital Storage Unit. This high-capacity subsystem stores mission data for both immediate exploitation and longer term forensic analysis. In close cooperation with our customer’s technical team, Mercury engineers worked to design, test and deploy the solution within the aggressive 12-month timeframe while meeting environmental and SWaP requirements.

Result: The flight tests were successful, leading to continued development and rapid deployment. The Gorgon Stare Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance System, including the Mercury subsystems, has been flying operational missions since April 2011.


High-Power Transceivers for Major Commercial Air Carriers

Challenge: Meet the growing demand by commercial airline passengers for broadband in-flight entertainment and communication connectivity options.

customer-success-southwestSolution: Mercury’s Ku-band high-power transceivers are installed on multiple commercial airlines. The robust transceivers enable high-reliability fixed and mobile satellite data link communications. Our engineers worked closely with our customers’ in-house teams to develop an integrated microwave subsystem that meets the rigorous requirements for airborne use, including reliability, efficiency, size and weight.

Result: An FAA-approved, versatile, broadband subsystem enabling a worldwide communication link for use on multiple commercial airlines and private aircraft.


Radar Solution for Missile Defense Program

Challenge: Greater demands are being placed on military radar systems. They must search, track and launch in wider areas of surveillance — even as targets become faster and smaller. This vision is only possible with integrated, state-of-the-art radar subsystems.


Solution: Mercury’s engineers worked hand-in-hand with Lockheed Martin to deliver a phased-array radar subsystem for the Aegis missile defense program. The sophisticated solution possesses extremely dense military radar signal-processing capabilities and high-bandwidth serial RapidIO® switch fabric.

Result: Rugged, real-time processing and improved application performance are capable of supporting next-generation radar systems.