The U.S. DoD is looking to export or allow the defense industrial base to export more of its technology to our foreign allies. We are doing this to help make our allies much more technologically self-sufficient for two reasons. First, so our trusted allies can provide for a greater part of their own national defense. Export of our defense technologies also allows both the DoD and defense companies to get a better return on the many billions of dollars that are invested. This is not easy to do, as defense technologies and platforms must be “exportable” so the technology and IP are protected in the event it ends up in enemy hands.

Today, Mercury has the most sophisticated processing portfolio in the industry. We have invested in server-class embedded processing, developed the world’s most innovative packaging and thermal management technologies, while pioneering the use of GPU (Graphics Processing Units) for highly-parallel onboard data exploitation. We have similarly developed advanced security or exportability features that are going to allow our customers to export more of their products overseas.

We’re the only commercial-item company investing in the features and capabilities you need to efficiently export Open System Architectures (OSA).

  • Prevent loss of technology superiority on the battlefield and in international sales
  • Address the entire sensor chain from RF acquisition to network dissemination
  • Scale with the skills to meet program demands in exportability
  • Co-investing to demonstrate solutions in Open Architectures and blade center architectures