Mercury’s SSI teams assist our customers leverage our technologies as they move their IP to state-of-the-art Open System Architectures (OSAs).  With the leverage of advanced packaging and thermal management innovations (including Air and Liquid Flow-By), a unique server-class compute ecosystem, and full RF and Microwave technologies, Mercury’s SSI teams are a powerful extension of our customers own talent base, serving as both additional capability and a trusted advisor. We are the only commercial-item company that we know of that can offer end-to-end, scalable sensor processing solutions from RF/Microwave, to server-class processing.

SSI teams have the domain expertise across the whole sensor processing chain; from acquisition, to processing and storage of data, to the exploitation and dissemination of derived information to where it is needed most. Whole sensor chain domain knowledge is one of the many things that make Mercury SSI teams unique in the industry.

SSI teams integrate solutions leveraging the largest portfolio of sensor chain building blocks to deliver sophisticated, latest generation OSA sensor chain solutions from prototype to full-rate production. With the support of duplicate and scalable Advanced Microelectrics Centers (AMCs) assurance of supply is insured.

  • AMCs in the Mid-Atlantic and New England
  • Complete design and full-rate production services
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to reduce program risk 
  • Unique continuation-of-supply with in-house, multi-plant redundancy