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  Situational Awareness Pod Mounted High Density Storage EO Airborne Processing Modernization

▪ Map algorithms to compute
▪ Design for scalability and flexibility

▪ Severe power/speed/density/weight challenges
▪ 11 weeks to SIL

▪ Cost constrained
▪ Legacy architecture
▪ Interface with existing platform

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▪ Customer met performance objectives
▪ Successful flight demo to government
▪ Shrank system by a factor of five, while maintaining or improving capabilities

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▪ Concept to TRL6 in 11 weeks
▪ Unit successfully qualified
▪ Met all performance requirements

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▪ System built and deployed on time and within budget
▪ High availability
▪ Modern architecture

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Mercury’s Services and System Integration (SSI) teams enable defense prime contractors to win and retain more domestic and international business. Working with and expanding the prime’s engineering capabilities, SSI teams facilitate the porting and modernization of military sensor processing applications onto rugged, High Performance Embedded Compute (HPEC) modular Open System Architecture (OSA) subsystems. SSI’s affordable fixed-price engagement model and robust program management reduce cost variance and risk, while promoting schedule discipline. With the experience of 300+ deployed programs, SSI teams have extensive domain expertise and the leverage of the most contemporary sensor chain product portfolio in the industry, to deliver sophisticated processing subsystems on land, sea, and in the air.