SSI Engagement Model

Design to Schedule, Risk and Affordability
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Risk and Affordability" video

Cost, schedule and risk – the three pain points every program manager must contend with. At SSI, we help you determine which of these pain points is most important to you. Once that’s identified, we collaborate with your in-house engineers to design our subsystems with that objective in mind. 

SSI's Design to Cost approach redefines how project costs are analyzed; Design to Schedule guarantees that your deadline to market is met; and Design to Risk ensures the presence of pre-determined technical capabilities in your solution.

Opportunities for Cost Reduction 

As an example, the Design to Cost approach addresses these fundamental design questions during the innovation period:

Opportunities for Cost Reduction
  • Can system designs be simplified while maintaining state-of-the-art capability?
  • Can components be standardized across the platform?
  • Can less expensive alternatives be substituted for expensive parts without compromising quality?
  • Can Mercury IP be leveraged, thereby removing hardware components?
  • Can Mercury's on the horizon R&D investments be utilized?

Addressing questions like these offers the greatest opportunity for cost reduction. Although reducing inherent costs requires upfront time and investment, it may result in designing the most costly components out of the solution. The subsequent savings then cascade throughout the platform, from materials to labor costs.

Spiral Development Process 

SSI embraces a spiral development process for subsystem design and integration that quickly and securely moves customers through four distinct phases.

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