Ground Mobile RADAR Processing



  • Fully qualify and deploy system in 32 months
  • Need to support new modes of operation


  • Delivered first radar processing subsystem within nine months
  • Increased system reliability 10-fold
  • Extensible to support new capabilities
  • Significantly reduced SWaP

What we did: 

  • Performed multiple trade studies to determine processor choice and overall packaging solution
  • Developed chassis, backplane, power supply
  • Assisted in porting from MCOS to MCOE to MCP
  • Performed full environmental qualification
  • Extensive on-site customer support

Full Story

Mercury’s customer needed to bring new capabilities to their fielded radar processing system in order to support new modes of operation and provide greater flexibility. Also, the radar solution needed to be deployed and fully qualified within 32 months of FMS contract award. The overall next-generation solution was required to balance the competing needs of cutting-edge technologies, TRL, modification costs, total cost of ownership and performance – all within a constrained size, weight and power envelope.

Building on our long-term partnership with the customer, the Mercury team worked side-by-side and transparently with the customer’s team to design a system that fit the specification and met or exceeded the requirements. Mercury was able to bring significant experience, intellectual property, and technical capabilities to bear, allowing the team to solve the program challenges with a solution that was optimized for schedule, cost, and technical capability.

The result was that Mercury delivered a turnkey radar digital processing subsystem within 9 months of contract award. The system evolved from pre-designed commercial items to meet the specification, and as such, was able to address the customer’s biggest pain point – the need to deliver on schedule. And by leveraging Mercury IP in hardware, software, and mechanical packaging, the new system delivered the necessary performance while increasing the reliability of the system 10-fold, and is extensible to support new capabilities in the future. 

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