Pod Mounted High Density Storage




  • Severe power/speed/density/weight challenges
  • 11 weeks to SIL


  • Concept to TRL6 in 11 weeks
  • Unit successfully qualified
  • Met all performance requirements

What we did: 

  • Developed a new package to house low cost cots ssds in a rugged environment 
  • Implemented a technique to conserve power 
  • Full environmental qualification 
  • Developed power supply, midplanes and chassis

Full Story

During a freeform discussion with a customer, Mercury presented an idea of what could be done to dramatically reduce weight, power and overall cost for high-density, high-speed storage systems in contrast to solutions that both Mercury and the customer had worked with on previously deployed systems. As it turned out, the customer had a need for such a solution. They had been struggling with resource constraints and meeting the overall swap objectives to develop such an item for an ongoing, in-house QRC program.  After some internal discussion, the customer asked Mercury if they could implement their ideas and produce a TRL 6 solution in only 11 weeks. Given the critical need of the program, Mercury accepted this challenge and was able to meet the aggressive schedule including full design, simulation, rapid prototypes (for compatibility testing), and full environmental qualification.

In order to meet this schedule, Mercury used our proven design methodologies and selected commercial components that could be modified to meet the need wherever possible – following up these selections with individual item qualification to reduce risk wherever possible.

The delivered DSU solution not only met the aggressive schedule, but exceeded the customer expectations for performance – and established a new methodology for exploiting the benefits of commercial digital storage devices.

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