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Model: W7264M64V1-XBX
1GB (2x64Mx64) NOR Flash 3V Page Mode Memory

The W7264M64V1-XBX device is a 3V single power flash memory and utilizes four chips organized as 67,108,864 words. This device has a 64-bit wide data bus, one write enable per 16-bit data word and requires a single 3 volt power supply for both read and write functions.


  • Single power supply operation
    • 3 Volt read, erase, and program operations
  • I/O Control
    • Wide I/O voltage range (VIO): 1.8V to VCC
    • All input levels (address, control, and DQ input levels) and outputs are determined by voltage on VIO input.
  • Separate 1024-byte One Time Program (OTP) array with two lockable regions
  • Uniform sector architecture
    • One thousand twenty four 128 Kbyte sectors
  • 100,000 erase cycles per sector typical
  • 20-year data retention typical
  • Commercial, industrial and military temperature ranges
  • Organized as 1 rank of 64M x 64 (512MB),
  • 2 ranks of 64M x 64 (1GB)

Performance Characteristics

  • High Performance
    • 110, 120 ns
    • 32-byte page read buffer
    • 15, 20 ns page read times
    • 512-byte write buffer reduces overall programming time for multiple-word updates
  • Package option
    • 179 BGA, 14mm x 17mm
    • 1.0mm pitch
  • Software features
    • Suspend and resume commands for program and erase operations
    • Data# polling and toggle bits provide status
    • CFI (Common Flash Interface) parameter table
  • Hardware features
    • Advanced Sector Protection (ASP)
    • Hardware reset input (RESET#) resets device
    • Status Register, data polling, and ready/busy pin methods to determine device status.

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