Multi-Chip Packages (MCPs) / System in a Package

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MCP Benefits

  • Ability to achieve greater functionality in a time-to-market window that cannot be met through silicon integration. Increased density and performance and reduced size and weight at the board or system level
  • Reduced board area and routing complexity at the next level. Often, board layer reduction offsets the additional costs of using multi-chip packages
  • Design optimization through use of the most cost-effective silicon solutions and assembling different semiconductor technologies, die geometries, or chips from different fabs in the same package
  • Value added of high-speed designs, improved signal integrity, assembly processes and material set incorporated into the multi-chip package
  • Incorporation of different interconnection technologies; flip-chip or wire bond; or Surface Mount Technology (SMT), can be accommodated
  • Allows the OEM to upgrade products by using die-shrinks in the same package
  • Can be implemented in Plastic Ball Grid Array (PBGA), package-on-package or hermetic packaging
  • Can include anti-tamper technologies

Packages and Materials

  • Packaging options include standard PBGA, Ceramic Ball Grid Array (CBGA), fully hermetic ceramic Quad Flat Package (QFP) and Pin Grid Array (PGA) as well as standard monolithic Small Outline J-lead Package (SOJ), flat pack and Dual In-line Package (DIP).
  • Mercury uses a variety of interposer materials including alumina ceramic, high-TCE ceramic, laminate and resin technology. These materials are used with chip on board assembly , wire bond and flip chip assembly capability.
  • Plastic encapsulations for PBGA devices are capable of passing JEDEC standard moisture qualification testing, temp cycling, and HAST.

Engineering and Design

Our engineering team is fluent in all aspects of Multi-Chip Package (MCP) device design and system performance requirements, including:

  • Expertise in package construction requirements with regard to size and weight and associated thermal, mechanical and power considerations
  • Expertise in environmental requirements from commercial testing to full military qualification
  • Expertise in writing and implementing test software for complex memory and microprocessor circuits
  • Expertise in system requirements, including memory, processor, coprocessor, cache memory, oscillators, timers, graphics options, interrupts, on-board clocks, and other logic functions
  • Utilization of leading edge development software for thermal, mechanical and electrical performance and emulation of the package
  • Utilization of design tools that integrate system-level modeling and simulation and data transfer between chip, package and board design environments
  • BLR analysis and qualification of MCPs for extended temperature applications

Mercury is focused on serving our customers with unsurpassed responsiveness and technical expertise. We offer a wide range of services designed to deliver the best combination of technology, products and support to our customers.

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