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Model: EDI88512CA-XMXG
4Mb 512Kx8 Plastic Monolithic SRAM CMOS

Mercury Systems' ruggedized plastic 512Kx8 SRAM that allows the user to capitalize on the cost advantage of using a plastic component while not sacrificing all of the reliability available in a full military device.
Extended temperature testing is performed with the test patterns developed for use on Mercury Systems' fully compliant 512Kx8 SRAMs. Mercury Systems fully characterizes devices to determine the proper test patterns for testing at temperature extremes. This is critical because the operating characteristics of device change when it is operated beyond the commercial guarantee a device that operates reliably in the field at temperature extremes. Users of Mercury Systems' ruggedized plastic benefit from Mercury Systems' extensive experience in characterizing SRAMs for use in military systems.
Mercury Systems ensures Low Power devices will retain data in Data Retention mode by characterizing the devices to determine the appropriate test conditions. This is crucial for systems operating at -40°C or below and using dense memories such as 512Kx8s.
Mercury Systems' ruggedized plastic SOJ is footprint compatible with Mercury Systems' full military ceramic 36 pin SOJ.


  • 512Kx8 bit CMOS Static
    • Random Access Memory
    • Access Times of 17, 20, 25ns
    • Data Retention Function (LPA version)
    • Extended Temperature Testing
    • Data Retention Functionality Testing
  • 36 lead JEDEC Approved Revolutionary Pinout
    • Plastic SOJ (Package 319)
  • Single +5V (±10%) Supply Operation
  • RoHS compliant

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