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Model:  EDI8L32128C-AC
4Mb 128Kx32 CMOS High Speed Static RAM

The EDI8L32128C is a high speed, high performance, four megabit density Static RAM organized as a 128Kx32 bit array.

Four Chip Enables, Write Control, and Output Enable provide the user with a flexible memory solution. The user may independently enable each of the four bytes, and, with minimal additional peripheral logic, the unit may be configured as a 256Kx16 or 512Kx8 array.

Fully asynchronous circuitry is used, requiring no clocks or refreshing for operation and providing equal access and cycle times for ease of use.

The EDI8L32128C, allows 4 megabits of memory to be placed in less than 0.990 square inches of board space; a savings of 0.885 square inches over four standard 128Kx8 components.


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