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Model:  MS29C2G24MAKLA1-XX
2Gb NAND Flash (x16) / 1Gb LPDDR (x32) PoP MCP

Mercury package-on-package (PoP) MCP products combine NAND Flash and Mobile LPDRAM devices in a single MCP. These products target mobile applications with low-power, high-performance, and minimal package-footprint design requirements.

The NAND Flash and Mobile LPDRAM devices are packaged with separate interfaces (no shared address, control, data, or power balls). This bus architecture supports an optimized interface to processors with separate NAND Flash and Mobile LPDRAM buses. The NAND Flash and Mobile LPDRAM devices have separate core power connections and share a common ground (that is, VSS is tied together on the two devices).

The bus architecture of this device also supports separate NAND Flash and Mobile LPDRAM functionality without concern for device interaction.


  • Replacement for Micron's EOL package
  • Micron® NAND Flash and LPDDR components
  • Separate NAND Flash and LPDDR interfaces
  • Space-saving multichip package/package-on-package combination
  • Low-voltage operation (1.701.95V)
  • Industrial temperature range:  40°C to +85°C

NAND Flash-Specific Features:

  • Organization
    • Page size: x16: 1056 words (1024 + 32 words)
    • Block size: 64 pages (128K + 4K bytes)
    • Device size: 2048 blocks

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