Model:  WED3C7410E16MC-XBHX

7410E RISC Microprocessor HiTCE Multichip Package

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The WEDC 7410E/SSRAM multichip package is targeted for high performance, space sensitive, low power systems and supports the following power management features: doze, nap, sleep and dynamic power management.

The WED3C7410E16MC-XBHX multichip package consists of:

The WED3C7410E16MC-XBHX is offered in Commercial (0°C to +70°C), industrial (-40°C to +85°C) and military (-55°C to +125°C) temperature ranges and is well suited for embedded applications such as missiles, aerospace, flight computers, fire control systems and rugged critical systems.


** At a maximum of 60x bus frequency of 133MHz, the maximum configuration core frequency is 400MHz.

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