Rapid Erase SSD TRRUST-Stor

Our SATA Secure Storage Device provides unparalleled protection for your most sensitive data.

Your data is under attack. Help is on the way.2.5 SSD

The new TRRUST-Stor military-grade solid state disk drive protects sensitive data from environmental and human threats. Engineered specifically for defense applications, this 2.5” SATA SSD drive with SLC NAND flash transcends limitations inherent in the memory media. Manufactured and designed in our secure, trusted U.S. facility, the TRRUST-Stor high-reliability encrypted secure storage device provides unparalleled performance where data integrity, security and extended environment performance are mission requirements. The TRRUST-Stor SSD also contains key management features that can be customized for encryption applications. TRRUST-Stor solid state drives are the industry's first SSDs to pass zero-failure testing at vibration levels that are consistent with the industry's most severe environments. Suitable for military applications, including data recorders, avionics, ruggedized mobile systems and digital maps, fighter aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, mobile man-pack and ground vehicle applications.

  • Up to 1 TB host accessible non-volatile removable media
  • NIST certified, hardware-implemented AES-256 encryption
  • Security features available
  • TRRUST-Purge renders data irrecoverable in milliseconds
  • Fast clear erases all blocks in less than 4 seconds
  • Hardware-based authentication
  • Uncorrectable bit error rate of one sector per 1030 bits read
  • MTBF greater than 2,000,000 hours
  • Military and government agency sanitization protocols
  • Custom form factors for unique system applications
  • Power interruption protection with over and under voltage detection and protection
  • No super caps or batteries
  • Self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology
  • Industrial temperature operation with extended shock and vibration durability
  • 100% Burn-in
  • Optional ruggedized SATA connectors
  • NIST AES 256 encryption certified

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Ruggedized SATA Connectors

Ruggedized SATA Connectors Immune to Shock and Vibration

The Mercury TRRUST-Stor® 2.5 inch solid state drive is now available with a ruggedized SATA connector that solves shock and vibration issues prevalent in defense and industrial applications. Specially designed for hostile environments, these connectors withstand conditions for which industry-standard SATA connectors are inadequate. A unique contact and pin design eliminates pin fretting and intermittent disconnects to assure long-term dependability.

Download the flyer for the Ruggedized SATA Connector For SSD.

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