Model: MXMCM256
XMC Secure Solid-State Drive (SSD) with Self‑Encrypting Drive (SED) Technology

MXMCM256/512 256/512GB XMC Solid State Drive (SSD)The MXMCM256 now expands the secure self-encrypting SSD family in an XMC format. This platform is a VITA 42.3 compliant board, offering a x2-lane PCI Express bus interface, plus a configurable SATA 2.6 interface that supports ATA-7 and ATA-8. It is offered in an air cooled or conduction cooled XMC mezzanine storage solution designed for applications where data protection, endurance, and security is extremely important. This solution incorporates the Mercury Armor II proprietary flash processor and utilizes high performance and reliable SLC NAND solid state flash technology. The security features include AES-256 XTS encryption (NIST certified), where the loaded encryption key can be purged within 30ms.

General Description

  • XMC form factor
    • 256 GB capacity
  • XMC Interfaces
    • x2 PCIe interface conforms to VITA 42.3
    • SATA Interface up to 3 Gb/s
  • SLC NAND flash technology
  • Multiple key management options
  • Power:  5V or 12V ± 10%
  • Storage temperature:
    • Up to -55° C to +105° C ambient


  • Sustained sequential reads/writes:  175/200 MB/s
  • Resetto-ready time:  < 2 seconds
  • Power:  (5V, 25°C)
    • R/W:  4.5W typical
    • Idle:  1.5W typical

Data Management and Protection

  • Superior ECC (Error Correction)
  • UBER, 1 sector per 10-18 bits read
  • BIST, Built In Self Test
  • MTBF:  >2,000,000,000 hours @ 25°C
  • Write endurance up to 9 PB (MXMCM512)
  • Read and write wear leveling
    • Power loss protection
    • No data loss during power interruptions

Docs & Specs

Product Overview

Data Sheet

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