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Mercury Systems Video Channel

For a closer look at Mercury's capabilities and technologies, view the videos below.

Corporate Strategy

Innovation That MattersInnovation That Matters
Mercury Systems is the first commercial provider of defense electronics purpose-built to meet rapidly evolving global challenges. We are the better alternative for secure and affordable processing subsystems designed and made in the USA.


Innovation That MattersSensor Processing Chain
A look at the technologies — and the value — that Mercury delivers at each stage of the sensor processing chain.




Mercury Systems Advanced Microelectronic CentersMercury Advanced Microelectronics Center
Mercury Systems’ Advanced Microelectronics Centers are home to the unique capabilities in both the RF/Microwave and the defense electronics industries that make Mercury the better alternative.



Design to Schedule, Risk and Affordability  Design to Schedule, Risk and Affordability
How Mercury Systems helps customers overcome the three primary challenges of any program.




Technology Innovation

Alexander BadalamentiMercury Systems - Process That Matters with Alexander Badalamenti, Manufacturing Operations Manager, AMC, West Caldwell, NJ




Leon WooMercury Innovation with Leon Woo, VP of Engineering (Part 1)





Leon WooMercury Innovation with Leon Woo, VP of Engineering (Part 2)





Darryl McKenneyMercury Innovation with Darryl McKenney, VP, Engineering Services





Ken HermannyMercury Innovation with Ken Hermanny, RF & Microwave Solution Group





Mercury Systems Can Take The HeatMercury Systems Can Take The Heat (with Darryl McKenney)
Darryl McKenney, Vice President of Engineering Services, explains to Technology Editor Bill Wong how Mercury Systems tackles heat dissipation in rugged VME and VPX systems.




Web Casts

webcastDigital Signal Processing





webcastInnovations in Thermal Management
Today's chipsets provide unprecedented performance, but they also generate more heat than ever before. A panel of industry experts explains how to keep these mission-critical electronic systems cool.



webcastGPU Computing for Rugged Applications 

Graphics processing units (GPUs) play a large role in the development of aerospace and defense technologies. See why engineers rely on GPUs for their rugged and embedded computing applications.



webcastDefense System Modernization: Electronic System Upgrades for Extended Platform Life 

Upgrading military platforms through technology refreshes increases warfighter capability at a reduced cost. Find out how commercially developed electronic system components, along with open system architectures, are helping make this a reality.


webcastFlying, Sailing or Driving: Ruggedized Intel in the Sensor Processing Chain
The power of Intel server-class chips now can be employed on UAVs, in ships or on the ground. Learn more about this and other benefits of server-class processors. Mobile-class processors are also examined.



webcastInnovation in Radar and EW 





webcastIntel 4th Generation: The Haswell