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EnsembleSeries™ HCD5220

Product Description

6U OpenVXS SBC powered by dual 8641D dual-core processors with Ethernet fabrics and dual mezzanine sites.

  • 128 MB of write-protectable boot/application flash per processor with protected boot vector to avoid accidental erasure
  • Thermal and voltage sensors integrated onboard
  • System management block capable of managing firmware updates, reading and writing sensor thresholds, reading sensor values, and resetting the module
  • RS-232 serial interface ports per processor to the front panel with an additional interface optionally routed to the backplane
  • Real-time clock with granularity to 1 ms and time measurement of up to 30 years
  • General-purpose timers for synchronization
  • Watchdog timer able to interrupt each processor upon expiration
  • Open board architecture that supports network booting, as well as booting from the onboard flash memory


6U VXC 8641D Dual-Core Processing

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