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Mercury Systems has built the most contemporary portfolio of proven solutions within the defense electronics industry.

Secure Processing & Storage

Security of critical defense platforms and missions has never been more important — it's a need-to-have. Mercury's built-in fourth gen security framework and building blocks complement our customers' secure architectures, enabling the creation of their own private and personalized system-wide security.

How important is Trust & Security to you?

Overcome vulnerabilities derived from complex supply chains and enable Foreign Military Sales with proven system wide security. Mercury's processing, memory and storage solutions build in the industry's most robust security. These solutions are designed, coded and manufactured in secure, domestic facilities, using trusted devices from managed supply chains for the highest level of system integrity. Learn more

Mission Computing

Mercury is bringing the highest level of flight-safety assurance to the secure processing domain for aerospace and defense applications. Our proven, reusable Design Assurance Level (DAL) certified artifacts for mission computing, avionics, networking and datalink comms processing save time/cost and decrease risk.

Is your application Safe?

Our safety-critical processing subsystems are produced in AS-9100 facilities and deployed in applications that are certified to the highest levels of design assurance, DAL-A for both DO-254 (hardware) and DO-178 (software). For low-risk interoperability, Mercury's certified, deterministic safety building blocks are OpenVPX and other open standards compatible. Learn more

C4I Processing

Mercury’s rugged secure rackmount and AdvancedTCA servers are designed to drive the most powerful military processing applications, addressing the US defense market’s need for affordable, reliable and trusted US-made technology. These servers have security and ruggedness built-in and are ideally suited for next-gen radar, large mission, ground/naval/air C4I processing applications requiring system integrity.

How do you protect your investment?

An open system middleware framework with sustained Mercury support protects customers' application investments. This framework enables customers to easily port their applications to refreshed hardware thereby preserving their most valuable asset, their software. Secure servers are open systems compliant, making them application-ready and an extremely low-risk adoption proposition for new and current applications requiring server-class processing and robust system integrity.

RF/Microwave Solutions

Mercury's Advanced Microelectronics Centers (AMCs) include a trusted DMEA facility to manufacture our secure RF, microwave and millimeter wave and miniaturized, mixed signal processing solutions. Our highly automated, world-class manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce highly-repeatable build-to-print/spec Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs), components, high-power EW amplifiers and switch matrices. In the embedded digital processing domain, Mercury drove interoperability and affordability with OpenVPX - we are now doing the same within the RF/microwave domain with OpenRFM.

What is OpenRFM?

OpenRFM is a modular, open architecture that standardizes interfaces, hardware and protocols for EW and multi-spectral processing applications. OpenRFM offers:

  • Affordability driven by high-channel density and pre-integration of proven RF and digital IP blocks
  • Sustainability of standardized technology preserving customer's application investment - making it "future proof"
  • Flexibility of many system designs from standardized building blocks
  • Interoperability of modular architecture, standardized control plane and interfaces
Learn more

Space-Qualified Microelectronics

Reliability in radiation-intense environments where repair or replacement is cost-prohibitive is mission critical. Engineered to the most stringent performance standards, Mercury has delivered more than 20,000 space-qualified components and subassemblies with no in-flight failures to defense primes, government agencies and commercial customers.

Need space-grade performance and reliability?

We leverage our commercial technologies and space-grade reliability to offer a full range of space-qualified microelectronics including ferrites, VCOs, integrated microwave assemblies and storage devices. We test our products to MIL-PRF/DTL, ESA, and NASA standards including MIL-PRF-38534. Learn more

Radar Solutions

Mercury's rugged and dense Ensemble 3U and 6U OpenVPX and AdvancedTCA radar compute building blocks feature the most efficient cooling technology and fastest, software-defined switch fabrics to deliver the highest embedded signal processing capability in the industry today. These building blocks are optimized for SWaP performance and processing density, leveraging such processing power as Intel Xeon-E server-class processors. Scalable Ensemble radar processing subsystems with their streaming, low-latency processing power and performance software, are ideally suited to next-gen radar's compute-intense, streaming, real-time signal processing requirements.

Looking for Radar Solutions for the whole Sensor Processing Chain?

Mercury leverages scalable, highly-automated manufacturing/test resources with advanced RF/microwave simulation and packaging to produce affordable and SWaP-efficient antenna tiles for next-gen AESA radar arrays. We have applied our DRFM and radar domain expertise to produce radar environmental simulators that exercise the most contemporary radars and develop new techniques to thwart emerging tactical threats. Learn more

Electronic Warfare Solutions

From signal acquisition (tuners, filtering), to digitization (AD/DA converters), processing and electronic countermeasures (DRFMs), our rugged, coherent EW building blocks have exceptional SWaP utilization and the greatest spectral-efficiency. Mercury's modular open system approach to EW subsystem development reduces program risk and time-to-solution/market, while promoting affordability.

Need a smarter, more agile EW solution?

Mercury leverages the best commercial technologies to create cognitive and low-latency EW solutions across the spectrum. Our open system, small form factor building blocks enable the quick configuration of agile and sophisticated EW solutions. Mercury's EW pre-integrated solutions span digital and RF/microwave domains including spoofingDRFMs, signal jamming and entirely self-contained EW LRUs. OpenRFM neatly manages RF/microwave and digital processing convergence within the EW domain. Learn more

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Processing

Modern ISR sensors require greater processing power and capability. Mercury ISR/IMINT solutions integrate powerful parallel processing GPGPUs and general server-class processors to deliver unequalled image processing and real-time information exploitation capability in low-SWaP packages. Our advanced air/liquid cooling technology ensures reliable, full-throttle deterministic processing from pre-flight ground preparation to extended high-altitude loiter.

Need quick reaction capability for special missions?

Mercury Systems pre-integrates processing and RF/microwave building blocks to support ISR programs requiring quick reaction capabilities and special missions. Our capabilities deliver affordable specialized performance in the domains of SIGINT and EW that augment EO/IR national assets in such roles as target identification. Mercury ISR solutions have low-SWaP profiles, mission agility and are supported by full in-house design, qualification, tuning and manufacturing capabilities. Learn more

Precision-guided Munitions

Mercury applies off-set technologies to maintain the dominance of our precision-guided munition solutions, mitigating emerging threats. Modern kinetic assets have to be secure, mission-tailorable, with longer reaches, and smarter to confidently intercept threats anywhere.

Seeking smarter munition guidance?

Modern munition guidance, navigation and control systems require secure, dense mixed-signal processing and high-frequency RF (mm) technology in protected packaging. Mercury's dense system-in-package (SiP) and multi-layer memory stacking technologies deliver the highest mixed-signal processing density and performance. Our gun-hardened guided munition solutions, with built-in security and EW capabilities are smarter than ever. Learn more