From data to decision and silicon to systems, explore how the Mercury Processing Platform delivers the mission-critical needs of today with the technologies of tomorrow.

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Processing Overview

An end-to-end processing platform purpose built to deliver the critical technologies necessary for mission success

Security: Industry-leading embedded security capabilities, secure supply chain, manufacturing facilities and data management practices for highly sensitive missions

Signal: Broadband microwave technology, high-speed digitization, and low-latency processing, purpose-built for mission-critical applications

Display: Smart, rugged, interactive, high-definition display technology optimized for the low-light, multi-angle viewing requirements of cockpits and armored vehicles

Software: The most advanced open middleware and software facilitates rapid application porting on top of open mission systems architecture

Networking: Open, interoperable and secure networking based on widely adopted commercial protocols and standards to enable connectivity from data to decision

Storage: Fast, radiation-tolerant and encrypted data-at-rest solutions to securely store the vast amounts of data produced by sophisticated edge sensors

Compute: High-performance, highly reliable, safe, secure and resilient computing leveraging the latest in commercial innovation from edge to cloud, ground to space

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The Exponential Power of MercuryThe Exponential Power of Mercury

SUPPORTING THE MISSION: Our customers harness the cutting edge for a competitive edge

Incremental change is no longer enough.
We are helping the A&D industry bend the curve on innovation.

As the A&D industry accelerates its requirements for cutting-edge technology, Mercury is expanding its Processing Platform capabilities to support the mission and connect customers to what matters most.

What can we accomplish together?


Incremental Change is No Longer Enough

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