VGP-2870 3U OpenVPX Graphics Processing Board with BuiltSAFE

AMD Radeon E8860 GPU, Xilinx Kintex®-7 FPGA, 6 video input, 2GB DDR5, PCIe 2.0, DO-254 and DO-178 artifacts

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Generate 2D/3D Graphics for Safety-Critical Environments

The VGP-2870 with BuiltSAFE™ technologies is a 3U OpenVPX™ high-performance avionics GPU board built for airborne applications requiring DO-178C/DO-254 certification.

Driven through the VPX PCIe® bus, it is capable of performing 2D and 3D graphics generation functions, as well as, operating as a GPU co-processor for intensive data computation. Featuring independent video inputs and outputs, the VGP-2870 simultaneously displays more of your application. 



Lower Malfunction Risk and Save Resources

Mercury’s proven 3U avionics modules accelerate safety-critical applications like AI machine vision and augmented reality, expedite the certification process, save aircraft resources and speed subsystem time to market.


Key Features

  • DAL-C (DO-178C/DO-254) certifiable
  • Embedded AMD Radeon™ E8860 GPGPU processing engine
  • Low-SWaP with XMC site for host processor or additional IO
  • 2D and 3D graphics generation - capture and overlay
  • Onboard analog and digital video input (6x independent video outputs)
  • Safety-optimized board management
  • 42 W power-efficient performance
  • Rugged
  • Safety certification services and support


  • 3U OpenVPX (VITA 65)/VPX-REDI (VITA 48)
  • XMC baseline 2.0 (VITA 61), XMC PCIe (VITA 42.3)
  • Certifiable to DAL-C (DC-178C/DO-254)
  • Peripheral slot profile SLT3-PER-1F-14.3.2


  • AMD Radeon E8860 GPU @ 625 MHz
  • 512 KB internal L2 cache with ECC protection
  • H.264/AVC compression


  • 2 GB GDDR5 dedicated video memory (72 GB/s peak)
  • 256 MB DDR3 processing memory

High-Speed Links / Connections

  • 1x PCIe Gen2 x4 from PCIe switch to VPX-P1
  • 1x XMC 2.0 (VITA 61) site to interface an MFCC-8557

Video Input

  • 2x HD/SD-SDI
  • 1x SD analog video: CVBS, S-Video, RGB, STANAG-3350

Video Output

  • 2x DVI on VPX
  • 3x DisplayPort on VPX
  • 1x SD analog: CVBS, S-Video, STANAG-3350
  • 2x HD/SD-SDI


  • Xilinx Kintex®-7 FPGA
  • 256 MB DDR3 SDRAM dedicated to video capture and output formatting


  • VxWorks®653 with OpenGL SC 1.0 (Safety Critical)
  • Linux for Intel® processors
  • Built-in test interface and logging
Board Support Packages (BSP)

Board Support Packages (BSP)

  • Linux
  • WindRiver

Built-in Efficiency

Capture and Stream Data in Real Time

Seamlessly move, stream and process video and data in real time with Mercury’s low- latency video and graphics boards with AMD and Xilinx processors and embedded GPUs

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Purpose-Built Subsystems

Built For Today, Ready for Tomorrow

By combining our OpenVPX multiprocessing and SBC modules with a complementary portfolio of storage, I/O, networking, GPUs, and software, we create customizable, rugged embedded subsystems that securely operate at the tactical edge.  

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ROCK-2 OpenVPX Subsystem

ROCK-2 OpenVPX Subsystem

DO-178C/DO-254 certifiable 3U OpenVPX modular subsystem


MFCC-8558 XMC Single Board Computer with BuiltSAFE

MFCC-8558 XMC Single Board Computer with BuiltSAFE

NXP QorIQ T2080 CPU, 4GB DDR3, PCIe 2.0, 15W, DO-254 and DO-178 artifacts


AVIO-2353 3U OpenVPX I/O Interface Board with BuiltSAFE

AVIO-2353 3U OpenVPX I/O Interface Board with BuiltSAFE

XMC site, ARINC-429, MIL-STD-1553 interfaces, DO-254 and DO-178C artifacts


ROCK-2A 3U OpenVPX Development Platform with BuiltSAFE

ROCK-2A 3U OpenVPX Development Platform with BuiltSAFE

3U OpenVPX development platform for the ROCK-2 flight-certifiable subsystem



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