Environment Simulators

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Simulate Multiple Radar Targets and EW Jamming Threats

Verifying radar systems during live flights in range testing is not only expensive but introduces uncertainty through the inability to control the environment. Utilizing a radar environment simulator addresses these issues and ensures that your radar system is prepared to achieve success under the most challenging operating conditions.

Radar environment simulators that also model electronic attack threats and ground reflections provide a level of testing confidence required for advanced radar programs. At Mercury, we leverage our experience developing DRFM-based electronic attack training solutions to provide a fully customized product with a validated threat library to emulate the most complex jamming and deception techniques.


  • Flexible and fully customized system to meet your specific program requirements
  • Simplified operation with a user-friendly interface
  • Complex environment simulation including multiple targets, ground reflections and EW jamming threats
  • Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) scene generation
  • Validated EW threat library
  • Real-time, runtime displays of SUT, targets, ECM, etc.
  • Plan, range/bearing and HUD displays available
  • High-speed scenario update rate
  • Comprehensive BIT and calibration software
  • Optional free-space interfaces for range and anechoic chamber support
  • Optional data link, IFF and video support
  • Supports monopulse, multi-channel, multi-beam radars
  • Supports mechanical and electronically steered antennas
  • Data logging for post-test correlation

Targets in scenario up to 500
Targets in beam up to 16
Jammers in scenario up to 12
Jammers in beam up to 4
Chaff in scenario up to 12
Chaff in beam up to 4
Weather in scenario up to 4 cells
Weather in beam up to 2
Ground/ship clutter downloadable 360° clutter definition
Airborne clutter dynamic MLC, SLC and ALR

Signal Fidelity
Frequency range SUT dependent-VHF to W-Band
Antenna types mechanical, electronic, combination
Waveform types 0W, pulse, phase-coded, FM (linear and non-linear)
Pulse width 50 ns to CW
PRI <10 Hz to > 5 M Hz
Spurious <65 dBc typical
Up to <-60 dBc worst case
Dynamic range >120 db
Amplitude resolution 0.25 dB
RF ON/OFF isolation 100 dB
Doppler range >+5 MHz
Doppler resolution <0.1 Hz
Range 50 m to 1500 km
Range resolution <0.3 m

Target Fidelity
Mean RCS value 0.001 to 1,000 0o0 m2
3-D RCS patterns ±180° EL, ±90° AZ
±30 dB at 0.25 dB resolution
Scintillation swerling cases 0-4 + user-defined
Geometry modeling 6 (DOF)
Jamming assets combination coherent and non-coherent and chaff
Target modulations sser-definable modulations for JEM, Blade, etc.; aspect angle dependent

Interface Options
External computer control
Interfaces to additional radars
Jammer in the loop interfaces
IFF simulation (Mark XII, all modes)
IRIG A/B/G for synchronization
Free space transmission
Man/pilot in the loop
Video PPI and data link support
Data logging of SUT/target data


Modular and Scalable

Do you need a benchtop system for creating simple targets or do you need a multi-channel solution for complex radar testing in an anechoic chamber?

Since every new program is unique, a flexible radar environment simulation solution is required. At Mercury we develop our simulators around a modular DRFM architecture that can be scaled to increase the channel count or capability set.


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