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You won't find our servers confined to sterile, climate-controlled, beige-walled datacenters. Our rugged servers are bouncing around in Humvees, helping police apprehend criminals, protecting warships and even broadcasting the Big Game to millions of eager fans around the world. 

Where you can find our servers

Healthcare for the Underserved

Operating out of a poorly ventilated closet in a HIV clinic, our 1U system runs an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System that improves the quality of care for underserved patients. Built for reliability, this server was checked-in as luggage, transported in a vehicle driving on unpaved roads, hand carried across the border, and delivered to a rural area in Uganda. Unlike traditional EMR servers housed in a regulated hospital "clean room", our sustainable server supports daily clinic activities while being subject to air pollution, dust, unreliable power and humidity.

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Drone Electronic Warfare

Initiating countermeasures in an electronic warfare (EW) application, our scalable servers perform radar signal processing to impede enemy drone operators. Unlike other transceiver technologies on the market, these servers feature multiple, easily upgradeable modules to keep pace with evolving application and software requirements.

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Broadcasting the Big Game

Traveling to and from sporting events in a vehicle, our supercomputing servers support real-time media broadcasting the Big Game. Employing advanced datacenter #NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate performance, they prevent lag time by processing imagery and video feeds right on the field, so you see every touchdown as it happens.

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Extracting Copper

Located near high-elevation mining operations in Uruguay, our 2U servers support copper extraction by processing time-sensitive mining data onsite. Engineered to optimize airflow in extreme environments, servers withstand high altitudes to ensure uptime and deliver sustained performance.

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A Policeman’s Best Friend

No, not a dog. A server. Deployed in police cars across Japan, our 9lb mobile server assists in surveillance activities. The platform records, processes and stores data from vehicle cameras, giving police an efficient and cost effective way to collect vital evidence right in the vehicle at the scene of a crime. Criminals can run, but they can’t hide.

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Underground Transportation Safety

Installed in high-traffic underground subway stations, our 3U GPU servers ensure rider safety, monitor activities, and look out for suspicious behavior by rapidly processing images from over 60 surveillance cameras. Each server withstands the strong vibrations produced by high-speed trains and features a protective front-filter that blocks dust and particles to ensure reliability and around-the-clock vigilance.

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Surveying the Seas from Above

Flying high above the ocean inside an aircraft, our fanless servers perform underwater surveillance, searching for enemies, submarines and threats hiding in the watery depths. Accelerating compute-intensive workloads at high altitudes, even during loss of cabin pressure, servers are certified to NAVAIR 461 for Electromagnetic Inference (EMI) and multiple military specifications, ensuring uptime and availability in any flight environment.

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Underwater Electronic Warfare

The processing backbone for submarine electronic warfare, our GPU-accelerated 3U server is used to intercept radar and communication signals, trigger threat warnings, identify the targets, and present countermeasures. In order to minimize lag time and simultaneously tackle large amounts of data, each server employs four data center NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, harnessing both CPU and GPU processing capabilities to increase throughput and accelerate performance.

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Simultaneous Decision-Making

On board surface Navy vessels, our 3U servers facilitate ship self-defense by collecting, processing, and displaying data from numerous ship sensors. By presenting a real-time visualization on multiple screens attached to a Naval weapons system console, sailors can act quickly and simultaneously to multiple threats. Equipped with a variety of PCIe expansion slots, each server configuration consolidates multiple capabilities to reduce the overall computing footprint and improve interoperability.

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Searching for Black Gold

Oil exploration and extraction can be a tough (and dirty) business. Rolling across the desert in exploration vehicles, our servers collect and process sensor data to help operators find reserves of oil and avoid unexploded dynamite. Built to withstand desert conditions and intense vibrations caused by field machinery, these servers enable around-the-clock operations. And check this; they can be also be controlled remotely, eliminating the need for on-site IT personnel.

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Ready for Take-Off!

Our high performance 2U servers assess engine performance and operational safety for international jet airliners. Purpose-built to function in low air pressure and high vibration environments, this rugged system processes data from multiple onboard sensors simultaneously, enabling real-time decision making while in the air.

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Supporting the NCAA

Did you know we keep you in the loop during college NCAA games? Our Servers capture live video and provide real-time email services to media personnel and athletes at each game. Operating from a truck that’s always on-the-move and in bandwidth limited locations, these reliable servers support your favorite teams nationwide and ensure you never miss out on the action.

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“VROOM VROOM”, Server on the Tracks

Analyzing race sensor data and Formula One car telemetry information during live races, our 1U servers utilize hyperconverged software to dynamically deploy compute resources and optimize efficiency. And that’s not all! Operating out of a trailer parked next to the track, each server survives rough transportation and features a special washable filter to protect against conductive carbon dust.

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Virtualization for Tactical Operations

Hosting compute-intensive mission-critical applications from the back of an armored vehicle, this quad-socket server is the core of an Army virtual machine stack. Packing four Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with up to 112 cores, our 2U server maximizes compute density and minimizes potential networking bottlenecks. Designed for space-constrained environments outside of a traditional datacenter, these servers can enable remote Tactical Operation Centers (TOCs) setup in tents.

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The Future is Here: Self-Driving Cars

Autonomous vehicles are here and our compact, low-power, rugged servers have paved the way. Sitting in the trunk, our server is the brain of the vehicle; packing multiple Intel Xeon D and GPU processors to run the advanced software that gets you to your destination safe and sound. With twelve reconfigurable modules, this highly flexible server can accommodate the rapidly evolving technology of current and future vehicles.

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Patrolling the Shores

Shipboard command and control on the high seas is no easy task. The heart of a Coast Guard display system, this 1.5U tactical server enables search and rescue missions, threat surveillance, weapon targeting and signal intelligence. Just 20lbs, this powerful, but quiet system features multiple expansion slots, large storage capacity, and dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

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Enabling On-The-Move Cyber Operations

This sleek, one-man-lift server fits in airline overhead bins and transit cases. It processes and stores crucial information for Air Force cyber operations that require operators to always keep it within line of sight. It accomodates up to four configurable modules that integrate Intel Xeon scalable processors and 100 Gigabit Ethernet to deliver high performance in a modular, portable form-factor.

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Protection in uncharted waters

As part of a core weapons system that responds to airborne, underwater and surface threats, our modular servers help protect sailors and naval vessels in uncharted waters. Configured for redundancy to prevent a single point of failure, they ensure around-the-clock munitions guidance and tracking. Featuring multiple "plug and pull” modules, these composable servers streamline technology upgrades and provide long-term sustainability.

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Riding in the back of a Humvee

Riding in the back of a Humvee, this lightweight server supports U.S. Army tactical networking, communications and battle command operations. Only 20” deep, it fits in cramped vehicle spaces and has been proven to operate on the move across rough terrain in some of the harshest environments. Densely packed with two Intel Xeon processors and eight disk drives, our 1U system delivers powerful computing in the smallest-possible footprint.

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Protecting Your Information

Used in applications so secret that we can’t even tell you what they are, our trusted servers safeguard your sensitive information with built-in security features that thwart cyber-attacks and reverse engineering attempts. Designed, manufactured, and tested in the U.S.A., RES Trust is built from the ground up to minimize risk and protect your critical data. Deployed on multiple platforms, these servers know how to keep a secret.

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Special Operations

Whether you're flying across continents at a moment’s notice, driving on unconventional roads, facing unreliable power or operating in the desert, our lightweight server is perfectly packaged for teams constantly on the go. Currently being used by by U.S. Army Special Operations as a domain controller that manages network security, our RESmini can host sensitive missions in the field, almost anywhere, at any time. And with its FAA compliant UPS power case, it enables operation on almost any power source in some of the most remote locations around the world.


Let Us Help You

No matter the end use, the environment or security requirements, when your mission is critical and the cost of failure is high, Mercury rugged servers are your option.

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