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Military-Grade Solid State Drives

Mission Critical Data Protection for the most harsh environments on earth and beyond

For operation in mission-critical situations under extreme environmental conditions, military-grade secure solid state drives (SSD) from Mercury protect highly-sensitive data. At the heart of each drive is the unique, made in the USA ARMOR controller with advanced error correction (ECC) algorithms providing long-term data integrity to support any mission.


Securing top secret data is easier than you think

Protect classified data from unauthorized users with certified AES 256-bit encryption, authentication and eight key management modes. Trusted hardware and algorithms certified to the highest levels of data security: FIPS 197, FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria and National Security Agency (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) programs.



Configurable self-destruction

Protect data even if the system is compromised with key purge, fast erase, sanitization and self-destruct military protocols that ensure encryption keys and data are forensically unrecoverable in as little as 30 milliseconds.



Rugged enough to survive any mission

Engineered with rugged enclosures, military-grade components and NAND flash from trusted sources, Mercury  SSD devices surpass the performance of commercial-grade devices while delivering reliable operation and guaranteed data integrity even under the extreme temperatures and unpredictable shock and vibration of military and space deployment.


SpaceVPX for open standard space-qualified data storage

Mitigate program risk and complexity by leveraging SpaceVPX for open standard space-qualified data storage. Mercury SSDs assure long-term data integrity in the presence of ionizing radiation with advanced ECC with defect mitigation.


Place your trust in a domestic partner

Deliver uncompromised security by mitigating the risk of sensitive data access with  Solid State Drives and  NAND controllers designed and manufactured in a domestic, trusted DMEA-accredited facility trust and security is inherent in everything we do with a  robust cybersecurity infrastructure based on the NIST 800-171 security controls that protects all design and manufacturing records.

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