Article: The Big Data Battlefield

Approximate Read Time: 9 minutes (1285 words)

Intelligence and military applications rely on massive data pipelines to drive intelligence gathering and mission-critical decision-making. Big data must be quickly processed from multiple sources and shared in order to rapidly synthesize and present decision-quality information to the right leader. The speed at which the warfighter is able to collect, process, analyze, and understand data directly impacts mission success.

Big Data at the Tactical Edge

Whether on land, at sea, or in the air - big data drives analysis, results and decision-making at the tactical edge. Multi-domain operations will quickly share C4ISR data across space, air, land, sea and cyber domains. Purpose-built affordable, cutting-edge processing systems are required to build an agile IT Infrastructure that extends from the edge to multiple domains. In this short article you will learn: 

  1. The 5 V's of Big Data: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity and Volume
  2. The importance of processing big data on-site - or the tactical edge 
  3. How Big Data is driving Artificial Intelligence
  4. Why purpose-built hardware platforms can support Artificial Intelligence 
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