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October 13, 2022 Mercury Systems

Compact microelectronics that enable rapid decision-making. GPS modules that ensure precise munition hits. Rugged data systems that are bringing innovation to the edge of aerospace and defense. For the U.S. and its allies, there’s a trusted technology company working in lockstep with the defense systems pioneers, avionics visionaries and new technology futurists developing these mission-critical electronics: Mercury Systems. A&D industry leaders are accelerating the deployment of next-generation electronics systems by harnessing the power of the Mercury Processing Platform, which delivers open, modular, software-defined solutions that are trusted and secure — from the silicon level all the way to the systems level.

Microelectronics and multi-chip modules

The growing need to process big data at the sensor requires high-density, low-latency microelectronic solutions. Ruggedized and high-performance microelectronics — such as high-density memory and secure SSDs — are designed to overcome size, weight and power (SWaP) and environmental challenges while bringing optimization and future-forward technology to the edge.

Thanks to a partnership with industry leaders that increases access to commercial silicon innovations, Mercury’s high-performance system-in-package and multi-chip module solutions can integrate silicon with customizable chiplets, which are essentially tiny computer chips interconnected to perform larger tasks.

Rugged, secure and safety-certifiable embedded boards

Modern aerospace and defense platforms need more processing capability for compute-intense applications such as artificial intelligence (AI), sensor processing, fusion and avionics to enable real-time decision-making. Mercury’s boards support MOSA standards and range from multifunction OpenVPX boards to single-board computers and from field-programmable gate array boards to video and graphics, networking and storage boards — and all feature powerful commercially developed technology packaged for deployment in harsh environments and secured against malicious disturbance.

Subsystems and systems

Rapid deployment of advanced capabilities requires technology that meets today’s performance needs and tomorrow’s demands. From spectrum processing to command and control, Mercury uses open architecture technology and a modular design approach to provide mission-critical subsystems and systems:

  • Application-ready subsystems that are purpose-built for your mission, such as communications management units that simplify radio system integration and infrared, multi-spectral sensors for improved pilot spatial awareness.
  • RF, microwave and mixed-signal components, modules and systems that are engineered for space-constrained applications and harsh environments.
  • Rugged servers and subsystems that bring big-data analysis to the edge using compute-heavy applications, including signals intelligence, AI and sensor fusion.
  • Military rugged display systems for aircraft and vehicles that deliver crisp, clear imagery in a range of temperatures and surroundings.
  • EW training, test and evaluation solutions that allow operators to train and test radar performance with realistic electronic warfare scenarios.

The Mercury Processing Platform

Our Processing Platform extends beyond physical products, and includes expert software, design, engineering and manufacturing service offerings. Every solution — from silicon to systems and software to services — is strengthened by our commitment to strategically invest in the technology, products, services, people and companies that accelerate access to a broader portfolio of technological capabilities and resources. In this era of evolving geopolitical and digital landscapes, the A&D industry needs more than incremental change in innovation. Explore the Mercury Processing Platform and connect with us as we aim to help you bend the curve of aerospace and defense innovation.

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