White Paper: Accelerating Big Data Processing and AI at the Edge

Discover how technologies developed by Mercury Systems and NVIDIA scale the best AI-enabling data center processing capabilities to the edge for real-time decision-making. 

White paper Intro

Powerful sensing, computing and communications technologies are maturing together,
enabling revolutionary changes for aerospace and mission-critical operations. Intelligent
edge nodes, collecting vast amounts of data, will soon be communicating via 5G networks
with immense bandwidths. System designers are now pulling these capabilities together,
using them to drive sophisticated new applications that deliver higher efficiencies, faster
responses and better decisions.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications powered by deployable GPUs are moving to the edge, adjacent to new generations of advanced sensors and connected by extremely high-bandwidth 5G networks. The big data created by these sensors will not overwhelm this new style of systems architecture; this architecture will be used to enable a new reality of edge capability.

Data from imaging sensors will be manipulated by AI capabilities to deliver advanced digital maps, image recognition, object tracking and image correction. In some cases, the imaging data will be fused with data from other sensors to enable VR or AR headset displays. Autonomous vehicles will use AI not just for safe movement, but for flexible mission execution.

As hundreds of other applications at the edge emerge—built on powerful GPUs, 5G communications and AI—program managers, system architects and design engineers will find new and innovative ways to employ AI, providing capabilities not yet imagined.



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