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White Paper: Achieving Full Spectrum Dominance with DRFM Technology

35min read time (4585 words)

Full-spectrum dominance, also known as full-spectrum superiority, is a military entity’s achievement of control over the physical battlespace, including the electromagnetic spectrum. However, modern electronic warfare (EW) is a game of cat and mouse that extends across the mission and the radar development process. The availability of microelectronics and rapid technology advancements has made it increasingly difficult to keep pace with or stay ahead of adversaries and peers when it comes to EW. It has also created a constant need to deliver advanced or competing capabilities, adding complexity to an already difficult development process. Digital radio frequency memory, or DRFM, and DRFM-based radar environment simulators and radar target generators are efficient and cost-effective solutions to these obstacles and can help us improve both the way we evaluate radars and the way pilots train.

Read this white paper to learn about:

  • The need for improved combat pilot EW training
  • Difficulties and risks involved with developing new radars
  • Challenges of detecting, validating and deceiving radar systems
  • The role of DRFM in EW how it improves pilot training
  • The importance of advanced radar environment simulators
  • Gaining a wide spectrum view with Direct RF
  • Testing synthetic aperture mode (SAR)
  • The need for cognitive EW and challenges of AI / ML 
  • Keeping up with artificial intelligence / machine learning advancements

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