White Paper: Secure Processing Solutions for the Defense and Intelligence Industry

Angie Giles


Filling the Security Gap

We believe there is a gap within the defense community for reliable providers of
secure, scalable and affordable subsystems that can support critical programs. Both the DoD and prime contractors, with the advent of the Better Buying Power initiatives, most recently Better Buying Power 3.0 (BBP), are seeking suppliers of key pre-integrated subsystems that can serve as building blocks within critical systems and systems-of-systems. By helping address this gap, we believe we can help the DoD and the primes draw down risk, accelerate development schedules and ultimately increase affordability.

A "built-in" not "bolted on" approach

As we develop pre-integrated subsystems we are also very mindful of the fact that we need to build secure processing solutions that can be “built-in” to your secure architecture, not “bolted on”. The built-in versus bolted on element is a fundamental core value critical to making sure our customers can integrate and customize our secure building blocks, avoid a rewrite of their applications and ensure they can affordably build a secure architecture. 

Read our whitepaper to learn more. 

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