Choosing the Right FPGA for your Application

November 18, 2022

Modern aerospace and defense applications have something in common, the need for moving and processing ever-increasing amounts of data. Whether it’s a phased array radar with hundreds or thousands of transceivers, an electronic countermeasures system that requires the fastest response time or a sensor-fusion system integrating data from diverse sensors, selecting the appropriate next-generation processors is vital to match the unique needs for specialized applications. This webinar examines the latest offerings from #Xilinx / AMD’s Versal ACAP (Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform) family. While ACAPs share many of the same processing features, the Versal portfolio contains a breadth of products and capabilities to address the individual requirements of various A&D applications. This webinar examines those requirements with an eye towards the best match for processing and high bandwidth data movement. #Mercury #AMD WHO WE ARE •About Us: •Our Capabilities: •Our Products: ADDITIONAL RESOURCES •White papers, webinars, articles and more: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA •LinkedIn: •Twitter:

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Discussing EW trends and emerging capabilities

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