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BuiltSAFE™ GS OpenGL Libraries for GPU and  Graphics Cores

Product Summary

Mercury’s BuiltSAFE™ GS OpenGL library provides high-performance graphics drivers for safety-critical embedded computing platforms that employ hardware accelerated graphics devices such as GPUs and graphics cores in SoC devices.Part of the BuiltSAFE Graphics suite, the OpenGL drivers are designed for use in flight safety systems in commercial and military aircraft, but are equally applicable to automotive navigation and infotainment systems, dashboard instrument clusters, and industrial controls to drive 3D graphics and to enhance the quality of 2D graphics output.

Mercury Mission Systems has built a strong reputation for providing high-reliability software development and system integration services. Our customized device software solutions are used in some of the most advanced safety-critical systems in the world. We have expertise with a wide range of real-time operating systems, graphics controllers, bus architectures, and processors.

The OpenGL library supports hardware-accelerated graphics for GPUs and GPU cores in CPUs and SoCs with multiple versions of the OpenGL API:


Hardware Graphics Libraries Datasheet Request More Information